Julie A Photographer

About Me

Hi, I'm Julie

Born and raised in a small town close to Paris, where she received her first camera at the age of 5 and have been passionate about photography ever since. 

Julie is an international photographer that focuses on empowering women by capturing their essence. It all started in her tiny student room, taking self portraits, where she discovered herself the true power of photography by embracing all her imperfections and loving herself more. In the last year, she worked with more than 100 women already helping them to step outside their comfort zone and reclaim their power. With her compassionate approach, she will make you feel at ease directly and make this whole experience fun and transformative.

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My Approach



Send me a message using the contact form or email me directly including the following informations: 

‣ Type of photoshoot you want

‣ Around when you would like to have the photoshoot

‣ Any questions you might have 



Let's get to know each other over a video call! 

In this call, we will also discuss all the necessary details of the photoshoot to make the best of it. We can discuss which package might be best for you or any other questions you might have. 



Let's create some magic together!

The day of the photoshoot has arrived. I want to capture your essence and natural beauty on this day. Remember that this is a moment for yourself. 

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