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The journey of being in the moment with yourself and embracing who you are is what inspired me with my mission. Capturing raw moments of beauty. Showing how vulnerability is a moment of strength. Inspiring others to embrace themselves and accept who they are from their inner to outer self. I believe that each of us have our own unique traits and beauty to share with this world. 


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I’m a Dubai based digital creator on Instagram and a mom of 2 beautiful kids who is trying to inspire women that beauty comes in all phases of life . When I first came across Julie’s IG, I was so inspired by her spirit & instantly connected through the beautiful captures on her profile. Having worked with so many talented photographers, Julie was by far one of the most professional yet humble & had a beautiful sense of vision. She made me feel so comfortable about my insecurities as a woman, and made me feel and look like a million dollars on the pictures & videos we shot together. I really look forward to coming back to Amsterdam & work with her again.

— Ana 

Julie is a genius. I remember the start of our shoot. I felt a bit 'shy' & didn't know what to do. But she kept repeating, just be yourself. It was not only about the words, but it was also about the atmosphere she created during our shoot. I felt safe. I felt seen. I felt BEAUTIFUL. Suddenly I could release tension and I found so much spark, light, and confidence within. I felt incredible. I felt that it was just such a beautiful process to pose and literally flirt with the camera. a new level of self-love. I was feeling so much joy and bliss within. Then the pictures came. And I saw a beautiful confident woman. I saw some uniqueness and beauty within me. I realized that in so many pictures I'm smiling - and I realized that the reason for this is that I am the most beautiful when I laugh and smile! hahaha, so it was almost like just permission to lean towards joy and what I love. Embrace myself for who I am. I felt that I can be me, and I do not have to 'fake' or even compare myself with other women. It was the purest expression of who I am. And Julie created this gorgeous space for that. Thank you Genius! xoxo

— Ola 

The photoshoot was part of my intention to get out of my comfort zone, and enjoy myself. Within couple of minutes I felt comfortable being the center of attention, in the presence of camera, in the presence of Julie. A little bit longer in the process, the session became a fully creative and celebratory experience. Julie demonstrated excellent ability to make me feel comfortable, and to capture photos that truly represent me. The experience exceeded my expectations.

— Vasiliki 

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